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Just the audacity of some buyers!

Every now and then I get a buyer who wants to haggle for prices. I had two today. One understood the reason for my charges and accepted the order; the other became hostile and combative about it. I mean really. We worked together once before, and I guess he assumed he should get a buyer discount for being a repeat.

My gig is to rewrite up to 700 words for $15. This buyer’s article was more than 2100 words (14 words over), which would have cost him $60. Given the minute number of words over the line, I gave him a discount of $15 (without saying anything about it).

The next thing I know, he’s giving me crap about the $45. I mean seriously. He only needed 1500 words, and it was just a rewrite so the cost should only be $30. Now again, the article is more than 2100 words and my gig stipulates that all costs are based on the original article word count. UGH!

I explained to him the Fiverr fees as well as other fees associated with rewriting the article. I understand it’s his prerogative not to care about the fees that I incur but I wanted to demonstrate that a rewrite of his magnitude warranted the cost. Basically, he wanted to pay me just $1.15 per 100 words. I refused to do that.

My last response to him before I blocked him and rescinded the offer was:

My cost is laid out specifically in my gig. Your article is 2100 words. Therefore, the cost is $45. My price is firm., as I have other costs besides Fiverr that I incur. Thank you for your time and interest but I feel it is best for us to part ways. My apologies that we could not come to a mutual understanding.

I used the Fiverr report button, and then wrote to Fiverr about this buyer’s attitude and demanding that he have it his way. Dude, I’m not Burger King!

Sorry… just needed a rant before bed! Hope everybody has a great day!


Just to rant too even though it’s slightly different situation: I also had a “client” who is probably still walking around and scamming sellers with “free samples”. They came to me in January and I see them constantly being online but still have zero reviews as a buyer. So I hope other sellers don’t fall into that trap


I get them on my $50 services quite a lot. They lay out a complex project brief with specific requirements and are then like, “Oh and our budget is $10”.

You are hiring me to help your business make more money. The very reasonable investment of $50 should justify that. You can’t expect to get that for the price of a movie ticket…


or a Doritos!! :open_mouth:


I received a message from Fiverr support early this morning about the issue - in simple terms, they told me I had every right to tailor offers the way I wanted, and if I wanted to work on the order, rejecting any project because the buyer refuses to pay accordingly.

They also said if the buyer comes to them regarding the order in March to ask for it to be canceled, their request will “allegedly” be denied because it’s been more than a month, he left a positive review and must sure irrefutable proof that it wasn’t as he claimed it to be in the review.

Allegedly, the buyer will be watched closely to see if the behavior escalates and what not.

Either way, it’s good to know at least one CS has my back on this. I feel better after blocking him, as I fear that he is very vindictive and would try to get my account banned. Just that feeling… over a matter of $15.


I have a quick response that says something like, “I’m sorry, but your budget doesn’t align with my prices.” I click that and don’t respond to them again. All the tricks and complaints some buyers try to get discounts are annoying and insulting.

I tried that but he was being very combative about the whole my price is firm statement - something I’ve never had a problem with before in my 10+ years of freelancing.

I personally wouldn’t have mentioned Fiverr’s fees, that’s your business - not theirs. But these nasty buyers with a sense of entitlement do need dispatching from the inbox.

I’m far more to the point than you. I certainly wouldn’t thank them for their time and apologise, nor would I even bother to breakdown why their suggested fee is an insult.

I would simply tell them: “You’re being disrespectful of my skills, time, experience and advertised fee, and on that basis I have no desire to work with you”. Block!


As a content writer myself, I don’t haggle.

My price is $5.00 per 100 words. That’s $50 for a 1,000 word article/blog, etc.

I can’t stand it when Buyers give me the gears stating that they won’t pay more than $1.00 per 100 words.

I’m not a beginner.

So, for those Buyers who refuse to meet my rates, I’m convinced I would rather not have them as customers.

Plus, I’m always busy with work (both Fiverr and non-Fiverr) so my rate can’t be that bad.

I will offer a slight discount for regular customers, but that is rare.

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I know. I just had a regular client request a revision on an article with something she never told me about before. She gave me 4 topics and I did them. Sigh.

The assumed buyer discount gets my goat every single time. Even worse when it’s expected after paying the bare minimum price on the first order. The only door I ever leave open on this matter is that I am happy to discuss a possible discount if we manage to develop a continuous, long-term working relationship.