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Just thoughts: to forget or to try to do something?


It’s interesting for me question

For example: A Gig is dead (I mean no GOOD visitors anymore because of low rating etc.)
Here were so many discussions about the new algorithm and so on.
I want to say what I see. There is no algorithm at all. Absolutely.
I’ve changed many times all the content and it didn’t change anything. I mean positions etc.
I’m not moaning and complaining. Simply I want to know what is better - to try to resuscitate the Gig’s life or to forget about it and to concentrate on something else? :slight_smile:

Simply I think that every Gig has manually given RATIO and there is no chance to do something by changing Gig’s content. It will be simply waist of time if I’m right about the RATIO. Do you see any change in search ratings after changing Gig’s content?

PS. Not interested to hear here about improvement or social promotion.




That’s a good question.
Have you tried?
If you still have the possibility to open new Gigs, you can try and see what works better.

Note: I would try it myself but I’m too lazy today… is Friday! :fireworks::tada::confetti_ball:


Yes. Every time I change something in my gigs (not that I do it often), their place in the search changes.


I’ve changed Gig’s content many times. It doesn’t matter for key positions.

When I change some content in my websites - I can see Google’s reaction in a few minutes.

From top to bottom :slight_smile: From bottom to top :slight_smile: (controlled ups & downs)


It’s better to check without browser cash

also logged in & out browsers show different results

For example my positions are always same - before & after changing