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Just to say hello


I am new here and I just wanted to say hello. Can someone proof my gigs and tell me if I am at the right way? Here is my profile

Best regards

Hi! i don’t know, gigs look good already.
perhaps a video would help!

Thank you very much justinrocks!

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Have a look at other sellers in your category re pricing as you may need to consider reducing your prices until you move up the levels. Good luck. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi lloydsolutions
I thought about that a lot before I begin. I came to the conclusion that a good work must be paid fair. I don´t know if I am right because I´ve seen here work to be offered with 5$ which is worth a lot more. I will think again…

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Maybe you could consider a cheaper sample or consulting gig? That way people can get a taste of your services without having to commit all the way. It can be hard to convince people to pay so much for a new gig, after all.

Hello somaginer1996

I can offer something cheaper, but I need some time to think, what this can be.

Your gig looks great. You need marketing your gig to find huge impression. But you need to know that fiverr is not a place of make fast money as a beginner. Here skill is most important.

You are welcome pal.

Hi sandyroseus1

I am not here to make fast money. I have just the opinion, that good work must be paid fair. I will rethink about it and I will find out what can I offer for cheaper price.

Thank you for your kind words :slightly_smiling_face: