Just trying to figure it out.. What name do we call


So I am from Kenya and I call myself a Kenyan.

People from .
USA are called Americans.
India are called Indians.

Could someone please tell me, what we call people from.
Saudi Arabia… The list is endless.


UK - United Kingdomians
Greece - Grecian 2000s (As pointed out by @emmaki)
Egypt (Cairo is a city) - Egyptians (Cairoeans)
Bangladesh - Bangladeshians
Togo - ToGones
Saudi Arabia - Saudi Arabians
Morocco - Morconians

any more?



Actually, Greecians are now known as Grecian 2000s, to celebrate their proud historical legacy. Not a lot of people know that.


Okay - I’ll have a shot:
UK - British
Greek - Greek
Cairo - Egyptian
Bangladesh - Bangladeshi
Togo - Togolese
Saudi Arabia - Saudi Arabians


you’re no pHun… :penguin:


Do they have plurals?


Must admit I preferred yours - gave me a giggle!

Love the Grecian 2000 as well - haven’t seen it advertised for ages - did it change its name to ‘Just For Men’ or something?


Does that mean that when I’m referring to someone Greece, I should say “He or She is a Grecian 2000s”


What about people from Morocco?


Bangladeshian ? lol I’m sorry nobody calls me like that before :smiley: as I’m a Bangladeshi :smiley:
For Bangladesh >> Bangladeshi
And I also want to add. For People from Greece >> <a href’=“https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greeks”> Greek And s far I know People from UK is called British.
KSA/Saudi Arab >> Saudi Arabians



Plural - sometimes you add an ‘S’. sometimes you don’t - it’s one of the difficulties of English, like pronouncing cough, bough, tough, dough etc.

Sorry - once a teacher, always a teacher!




Well, you lot are no fun at all.

I think it’s Saudi(s) for that lot. Or Saud(s) if you’re talking about one of the billions of princes. Presumably because the i in Arabic denotes ownership, or something.


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I was thinking Moronias or Moronians.


I was thinking exactly the same but we have to tread lightly on racial titling… :wink:


:cat2: Puss in the boots?


Monaco >>> Monacoan

Cote d’Ivoire >>> Ivoirian

Mauritius >>> Mauritiusian

Seychelles >>> Seychellian?

Mozambique >>> Mozambiquian

Djibouti >>> Djiboutian


The i (or maybe it’s more like a y) in Arabic denotes nationality like in:
British: Britani/y
French: Frensi/y
American: Americani/y
Saudi Arabia: Saudi/y
Greek: Yonani/y
The royal Saudi dynasty individuals are called “Aal Saud”.


Ah yes, that makes sense. I should have remembered from the nom de guerre that ■■■■ fighters take (the al-Britani lot in particular!). But let’s not get into that!


Al = The
Ibn/Bin = Son Of