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Just venting about buyers trying to cheat


I had a buyer tonight contact me about a voice over script. He was very pushy about timeframe. Needed it fast. It was 1 AM here. I thought, sure, I’m going to be up for another thirty minutes. I have to finish watching The Little Buddha for class. This isn’t a big deal. We discuss the requirements. It’s 103 words. I charge per 50 words. I’ll give it to him like it’s 100, sure. I’m feeling generous.

This guy waits until 3 AM to place the order, where he enters the wordcount at 50. I tell him he’s only paid for 50 words. I send the gig extra for the last 50 since we talked about this already. But no. He entered it as 50 on my order page /on purpose/ he tells me.

This man. He tries to bargain, tries to threaten, tries to bribe, and tries to beg for me to do his project for less than what I’m owed. And I won’t do it. It’s five bucks difference, but it’s the principle. It’s my time. It’s his attitude. Eventually he tells me no matter what he’s not going to pay, so I voice exactly fifty words and send it over as promised.

I reported the whole thing to CS, for whatever that’s worth. Do I expect to wake up to a cancellation request? Sure. I’m not going to accept it. Might CS cancel it anyway? They might. It’s the principle of the matter. I’m praying he accepts the work and leaves a review so I can lobotomize him in the buyer review.

I’ve already accepted my fate. I contacted CS. I don’t need instructions. I’m just venting. Really. That’s all.

If you’d like to vent too, I’d welcome it, but so help me god if I get a ‘I can’t get orders what do I do’ reply here.


You are attracting miserable cheapskates by having low prices it sounds like. They fight about $5 like it’s life or death.


Yes, those are the worst :woman_facepalming:

One thing when people just don’t read the description and place the order just with their negligence.
But it’s absolutely different story when they reached out first, got the quote and still placing lower amount order just to blackmail you.
I also had those couple of times and immediately reached out to CS asking them to investigate blackmailing.

I think though I wouldnt’ve Deliver the order. You are not supposed to do that when you and buyer can’t agree on price and CS might just cancel the order in this case.


You shouldn’t have sent him the completed order, better to cancel from the beginning and move on because a cancellation will be the ultimate solution anyway.

I’ve had one a while ago where he wanted some songwriting services, I sent him the completed order as he requested, then he started with insults and telling me to do it again. You know what I did? I said ,Take your money back and go find someone else", then he starts begging to do it one more time and denies the cancellation request until CS cancelled it.

It sucks because you are penalised if you cancel but it’s better, some buyers are impossible.

And btw, you can write a detailed review in the buyer review but it won’t show up, at least I don’t see the buyer reviews. Anyway good luck.


I figured this would be the case. ‘Better to go down swinging,’ I thought.

What’s stupid is this wouldn’t even have been an issue without the silly cancellation policy in place. Yeah, I get why it’s there to prevent abuse, but please.

The scammer already tried to dispute and I said no, so we’ll see what happens.


Yeah, well if we the sellers wouldn’t get penalised for cancelling (with a rational reason), this would be the perfect solution.

It can go down in 2 ways: either he ends the dispute, mark your order complete but will leave you the 1 star rating (let’s hope not) or he will continue to dispute and you’ll eventually cancel because, like I said, some buyers are impossible.

If you didn’t do a lot of work and wasted a lot if time, I would say to cancel and just end it, even if your completion rate goes down. But if there is a decent sum of money for which you worked for, stand your ground. Good luck.


Buyers can be super frustrating, I’ve had two in the last few hours try to message me asking for a reading without placing an order, and when i asked them to place an order, they got super annoyed and refused to pay…
Not sure what’s so confusing about having to place an order to receive the services.


I’d like to update this topic.

I contacted CS about the situation with the scammer. I was calm and polite, stated the facts, and asked what to do. The scammer tried to cancel, but CS auto-completed the order and may or may not have kept it from being able to be reviewed. The scammer has been online since and no review has been left.

I know it’s vogue to complain about CS, but in this situation they really helped me.