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Just want to pull my hair out and scream

There comes a time where every person has a bad day but dang it - WHY TODAY!

I’ve had two buyers want to cancel their orders; another is not responding to my request for assistance (so I have to cancel it, as it’s due tomorrow.)

One of the proposed cancelled orders was due to my misunderstanding an article. ehh - it happens from time to time, which is why I was always tell my buyers if you feel I’ve misunderstood something, let me know and I’ll be happy to go back over it. Geeze, give me a chance to rectify it, people. I’m only human.

The other person wanted something edited - his instructions were fairly clear except for one aspect and we handled that way. It was the way I thought. Then I edited the piece. Now, it’s not a normal blog or article that needs editing but a resume style type of material. This is something a little out of my league, but given Fiverr’s new system - I can’t afford to really send a cancellation. Even worse, he sends me a new file that’s more than 100 words than the first one and more than my $10 specification.

I do the job to the best of my abilities. Don’t deliver it because I want to make sure we’re on the same page. He comes back with… We’re going to have to cancel. Best Wishes. Not even a word of WHY he feels he should cancel the order.

No buddy! You’re going to tell me where I effed up and go from there. Even more so, I should be paid for the time I spent on it and for the fact that YOU did not order accordingly. I really don’t give a hoot and a holler for ratings. Bite me on that regard.

I am sick of the crap lately… Maybe it’s the fact that crap has been downhill all week for me - if it’s not one thing, it’s another. And, Fiverr feels more like a job than in times’ past.

I can tell I’m getting burned out!

Screw Fiverr for the rest of the weekend!


I’m pretty sure it’s not just you because other sellers are reporting similar experiences. Try to relax this weekend and remember to kick your feet up and enjoy a nice sweet treat.



And, now I get a 1-star for my FRIGGIN effort. He claims I’m too difficult to work with but I was MORE THAN JUMPING THROUGH HOOPS to get on the same page as him. He refused to give up details about where I went wrong! I could say a list of BAD WORDS and ADJECTIVES RIGHT NOW,

But, as I so infamously say so ften… F… IT!

And, everything WAS ACROSS THE BOARD GREEN AGAIN. I mean all around 100 percent for everything 5.0. With Fiverr’s evaluation system, it’s damned if you do, and damned if you don’t with some buyers

I wrote to the buyer and said, I even told you that I felt you needed resume writer and that I was assisting you the best way I could. I even offered to send him some links to Fiverr sellers who could assist him better. I told him he could have been nice and not rated KNOWING that he ordered incorrectly - not just once but twice.

Oh so buyers are so holier than thou!



Sounds like after the last revision - he decided to take advantage and get a fiverr freebie…IMO… especially if he’s giving you no explanation as to why he STILL needed to cancel.

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I’m sorry you feel like this. The past few weeks have felt exactly the same for me. My problem with Fiverr burnout is that it Fiverr is becoming far too time intensive for no logical reason. This means I can’t focus on/take on as many non-Fiverr projects.

Like you, I’ve taken this weekend off to try and reset. I’ve paused a few more gigs, turned away anyone messaging me, and I’m trying to get ready for a new week of not even looking at Fiverr until mid-afternoon so I can focus my efforts elsewhere.

Fiverr used to be: "You have an order! Complete it now and get paid!"

Now Fiverr is: "You have an order! Your buyer may want to cancel. WE WILL PUNISH YOU FOR THAT, Remember to answer all these notifications, make sure to complete all your own orders manually now and risk buyer wrath, worried about that order you delivered to that new Fiverr buyer obviously using a fake IP? - Don’t worry, we’ll cancel that for you and punish you for that too!"

Thankfully, the sun is shining and today looks like an awesome day for chilling out. In this case, not all is lost.

I hope the sun is out where you are too! :sunny:


I’ve been screwing it for several years and still doing it.
My happiness almost fully controlled by fiverr, after all these years and become a TRS, I still feel miserable selling on this platform now.
I just hope they will hire a better product designer who stand more on a seller perspective in the near future.

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I can understand your feeling. Sorry about that :pensive: … I also faced this many times. . we all came across these type of situations but only we can do is to be patience.

The only thing I can say to you is that be patience and do your best, everything will be right soon.

Best of Luck in Future! :+1: :hugs:

New level evaluation system makes you try and work with some buyers you’d normally run for the hills from. You’d say it’s a clever move from the profit standpoint except it leads to more off time and more missed opportunities with adequate buyers due to burnouts.

Sorry for the day you’re having. I hope you have enough wiggle room with your completion rate to afford this. This week way, waaay was crazier than usual for me as well.

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Thanks guys for all your input… I’m going to put several gigs on hiatus… at least til I get some the time off I need. I’ve already sent a request to one client to extend his delivery for another couple of days. I’m going to wrap up these other projects as quickly as I can and spend time with my sons.

The youngest boy’s birthday is this week, so the party is next weekend.

I was burned out at the school working, and with the new demands imposed on Fiverr, it just feels like I’m still working for the school. I love to freelance but on my own terms. Until I feel I’m in the right frame of mind, I’m not taking on any more work that I need to.


Do it and make the party your priority. :smiley:

Personally I feel that Fiverr has entered that phase of greedy and stupid; they’ve made their money off the sweat of our backs and now have too much time on their hands…hence the new seller order completion and all the other non-sensical stuff they’ve put into place over the past few months.

I notice that they seem to get a sh*t-on, whenever I take a vacation. I had the audacity to take a weekend off for my birthday. I mean, how dare I? I deserve my gig ranking and orders to plummet for that. Excuse me while I dig out my sack-cloth robes and bell.

Here’s the thing, Fiverr; if you’re going to treat us like employees, then maybe it’s okay for us to take a vacation every once in a while? You know, to recharge in order to remain efficient and effective?

More power to you, emeralddawn. :smiley:


That’s exactly what my oldest boy said…

Hmmm… Out of curiosity, what happens to your gig’s placement, when you pause them? I have wanted to do that several times recently, but am reluctant because I have heard it can really affect your placement?

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They die. (If paused for prolonged periods like mine). My only way round this has been to create new gigs. Gigs I pause, though, are pretty much gigs which I do not really plan on reviving.

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Ahhh, okay! Gotya! Thanks! I think I’ll steer clear lol :no_mouth:

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Just to be clear. I have paused gigs for 1-2 days and there hasn’t been an issue. These though, are gigs in niche categories where really I don’t care about search placement. I have also used vacation mode (over a year ago) and while it does kill gigs, business does recover after a few weeks.

Ideally, its best to try and find a way to tell regular buyers that you are going away for a while. This and not be too reliant on Fiverr by having savings etc.

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Okay great, thanks for clarifying! :slight_smile: Nice to know, because I’d likely pause just for a few hours or at most, a day, to try and catch up!

Yes, I used Vacation Mode for 3 weeks in June, and found I wasn’t affected at all – when I returned! I also edited a gig, so maybe that helped spurn things along.

This is good information to know, should I need to step away for a few days!

I am new and I am already wondering how balanced the seller to buyer ratio is? I have read amazing stories about people having a good go at it and reading how others are still waiting on their first gigs.

Hope all is OK! Family first!

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Writing gigs seem to have a lot of hassle attached to them.


Well, after spending two days on the first HORRIBLE CLIENT project - the buyer comes back and wants a refund anyway. He claims he won’t use it, and claims that it’s grammatically incorrect. I KNOW it’s not. He also said the information is inaccurate…Well, if it’s inaccurate, then you should have given me an article that was originally correct. Don’t you think? That or pay me for my time to research the information fully.

What I found funny was that he said a chargeback doesn’t extend to high prices a person pays. Actually, it does if a person finds a lower price elsewhere and can’t get a refund. What are they going to do? If they can find the service elsewhere for cheaper, they’re going to do a chargeback on the first one. Why not? It makes sense to them. Hell, it does to me!

I’ve already started the process of moving my business away from Fiverr… I need to step up my game.


I’m sorry to hear you had such a difficult customer, but if you have not yet moved your services to multiple platforms then I fully support your plan.

Fiverr is a good platform to get you started, but I believe most seasoned freelancers won’t limit themselves with just one platform which might change its rules at any time.