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how many of you think dollar five is not enough and cost should increase ?


I think Fiverr actually works quite well with the costing, as @writerlisaz said, we can all offer a quick, short service for $5 but the option for gig extras means you can actually make quite a lot of money. $5 is a good amount as it is relatively low risk for the buyer, so they are happy to try sellers out without worrying about losing $100+ on poor quality work, which may be the case with other freelancing sites.


You want Fiverr to be more expensive? They’re already making 20% in commission, I’d like to see the cost decrease or at the very least, stay the same.

Even eBay has decreased their fees because a lot of people were paying to list items and then not making sales. Nowadays they only charge fees if you want extras.


Reply to @fastcopywriter: I think she meant to increase the basic $5 for customers …

@mariamdesigns: you can do that after 10 sales by adding extras.


Actually it’s $4.


actually little drops of water makes and ocean and a Rome was not build in a day LI Llife is gradaul,whatever starts with little always become big with better ending.But no condition is permanent, there could later be a change later, whenever there is progress and there is determination for a change then they may decide to increase the price… THANKS GOD BLESS FIVERR.


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I think we can all still find something we can do for $5, to build our skills and portfolio and to showcase our talents to buyers. Then we can add “extras” to make more money per gig. But there will always be small, $5 needs as well.


i like the price they have… it’s like a game.

anyway i sell art on fiverr because i just want to draw and people here give me an excuse to draw.

the 5/4 dollars i get gets me to buy one promarker pen… but i usually save the money up for future projects.

to make price increase take your service and brainstorm ways for increasing the price. for example i have a gig where $5 will give you one drawing in A5 paper low quality.

if the person wants higher quality they have to buy my +$10 gig extra and if they want me to mail them the drawing it is +$20. so you kind of drag people in paying you more.


I think, It’s enough sir. I am running my study costing by doing 5$ work.


Reply to @kreativa: I see what you’re saying, and I agree. The $5 initial task should be easy, use the extras for the harder stuff, or when buyers want more of the same.


I think it’s enough. $5 is enough to draw people in and it adds up really.

Also with your extras it really puts more in your pocket.

But $5 is a good base to me.

If they raise it not only will the name of the site have to change but, some may no longer be inclined to use the services this site offers and we provide.


If you want to freelance online for more than a $5 minimum, GO ELSEWHERE.

Don’t try to change the site’s founding principle because you joined and then decided $5 isn’t enough for you. Fiverr gives you plenty of tools to make more than $5 per gig anyway.


Reply to @kreativa: yes that is what i mean


Reply to @deesajn: dont you think it should increase ?


Reply to @vainpaper: well dear its just i am searching peoples thoughts i am very happy with fiverr


thank you every one for your great and knowledgeable answers :slight_smile:


Hey, great thread but it’s really a conversation best suited for the Chit Chat Forum. The Fiverr Stories Forum is for sharing your Successful Stories. :slight_smile:


Reply to @mariamdesigns: Seriously, you sound like a 95 year old grandma calling people “dear.” $5 is a nice starting point, dear.


Reply to @mariamdesigns:

Yes, definitely.