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Just wanted to know!

Hi there!
Is there any feature in Fiverr to check whether the buyer saw your message or not?

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I haven’t seen one yet. No, you cannot see that, nobody can.

However, you can see when a seller/buyer comes online and goes offline - so in your case, if the seller sends you a message, and you open it to see it, the seller will see you just came online and later went offline.

Have a great day.

Oh I see. But I think the online/offline status is not always accurate. I may be wrong but I doubt it.

Request once sent cannot be edited as far as I know. You cannot see other sellers response to an order request. You can only see how many sellers responded to the offer request.

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Ok . Thank you . I’m a translator, I’m new here . Been 4 days on here with no order , I’m worried if there’s something I’m not doing right

Be patient. All the best.

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