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Just wanted to say hello and big thanks


Hello to all new sellers here from new seller myself :slight_smile:
I just joined recently with huge question mark over my head as all of you probably have. Didn’t know where to start.I searched forum, talked to experienced sellers here, did many reading ( Academy, Podcast, blog) adjusted and still adjusting my gigs often. Still collecting info. For sure I sounded strange with my naive questions but they all show big patience and welcomed me warmly here! Their unselfish attitude helped a lot! You know who you are BIG THANKS!!!

New sellers just be patient, as some of experienced sellers advised nothing can’t happen overnight. Me myself am very impatient person “God give me patience but right away” :slight_smile: If I overcome that everyone can

So heads up, take time and believe in yourself and what you are offering

Forgot to mention most important part: In my first week I sold two of my gigs!!!

Good luck to everyone!!!


Welcome! I’m relatively new here as well. :slight_smile:


sophiesvoice thank you. Good luck!




Thank you and all the best to you!


At my age, I rather like it! :grinning:


Welcome, and good luck!! :slight_smile:


Welcome to the noob club from a noob good luck all


seriously purp congraz on the sales


Hello… I am new seller.