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Just wanted to say thanks again for all help!

Fiverr community- thanks for all the advice and resources posted in the forum :slight_smile:

I started off as a new user a few months ago (I’m still consider myself a newer user though)- with no views and no sales. Now, I am glad to say that I’m 3 days away from becoming a Level 1 seller.

A few questions that I had:

  1. Going from a new seller to Level 1 Seller- what can i expect? When you became Level 1, did you find that your gigs received more views and sales?

  2. I’ve been having pretty good luck with just having a few gigs posted so I may not even need the extra gig slots, but is it recommended to post more gigs to max my limit out? Or is it ok for me to just stay super focused and specialized?

Thanks everyone! Happy Friday!
-Charles :slight_smile:


congrest on your achivement :wink:

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sorry just saw this hahaha. Thanks man :slight_smile: