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Just wanted to share this WTF story with you guys

I thought it was funny, and I almost forgot. A seller ordered one of my gigs a while back, and since I’m new and the reviews help, especially after an encounter with a bad buyer, I left a quick message saying he could leave me a review if he wanted, but if not, I understood.

But then he messaged me denying ever placing an order??

He was pretty adamant about it, even with my screenshots as proof. I mean, am I crazy?? Is he crazy?? We had a conversation and he paid me, but he was treating me like a regrettable drunken encounter.

Anyways, I hope this story brightens someone’s day. I’m still laughing at it.

What a strange and unusual encounter haha! Either the person’s brain was wiped OR … welcome to the matrix!

It sounds like he was ashamed and couldn’t admit it even to himself.

Hopefully one day I’ll find another buyer who isn’t ashamed to review me. gazes dramatically into the distance