Just When Fiverr Thought They Had A Solution


To Be Continued…


Huge screens? How didn’t I think of that?! :smiley:

And “Forum’s like The Walking Dead” ?!?! :joy:

Can’t wait for more!



Yes, please more, I want to know what they come up with for the people who only use the mobile app too! :wink:


I found some writings in a few boxes are hard to read, I had to go closer to the monitor. Forget about the small font, but should have used darker color, not super light green.


Yeah, I realized that myself when I had finished. Unfortunately the magnificent power of MS Word does not allow you to edit text and I was not committed enough to redo it :slight_smile: In future I will use the darker colors.


Wonder when the first person will ask when we’re having our huge new monitors delivered? :slight_smile:


They are only for buyers, mine arrived yesterday.
I believe they have replaced the “Spend $25, get $5 credit” offer with a “Spend $25, get a 6000 inch screen” offer.


@eoinfinnegan Thanks for considering to use darker color next time as IMO you are one of those posters whose posts are worth to check out.


I had to do some zooming myself to be able to read it all, but luckily I knew Eoin’s comic strip talents are worth it from Emma’s hyper popular MS Paint thread. :wink: Worth checking out, if you haven´t yet!


@miiila I posted my Ms.Paint masterpiece in Emma´s thread but I think it got buried by the other many posts, lol.

Edited: This is all I got :joy:


I think this is the ideal poster to hang in Fiverr’s underbelly, so Green, Red, Brown and Blue can look at it in their scarce and short breaks, instead of out of a window.


@miiila LOL :blush: :blush: :blush:


Are you serious? Is this for real? Big screen? I don’t check search results until the end of the month, won’t check now, but is this for real? LOL.


Now you got me thinking about fiverr’s underbelly, that no man’s land that is whispered about in dark closets.


I had to zoom and force my eyes a bit but it was totally worth it! Thank’s for making me laugh!


Yeah, sorry about the eyesight damage - its a lot easier to see on a 6000 inch screen


Everyone wants to be on the first page, but it is unfair to just put top sellers there, it would only keep them on top while new sellers will remain unknown and probably quit.
It should put random gigs on top everyday, if people want to search for highest reviewed they can sort it out.


Let us think about it… assuming you have 30% top sellers and 70% newbies+L1+L2 sellers, making it random will display top sellers very rarely since they’d be the minority.

But displaying random top sellers along with random L1s, random L2s, and random newbies, that would even out the chances of each level of seller (as taking a random sample of each level guarantees all levels to be displayed, instead of a random sample of everyone that may show only L1’s, for example)


This is much better :slight_smile:


From what I have seen, Fiverr always boosted new gigs artificially and then depending on their performance over a couple of weeks they were ranked as appropriate. There are constant stories of new sellers who do well like the two V/Os who each got 1000 orders in their first year among others - it is definitely possible, just not easy.
Aside from the couple of new gigs being boosted, I am against randomness or generic rotation in an algorithm.

Most Fiverr stats are based on 30 and 60 day cycles and so I believe it is logical to think that the algorithm could be too. If that is the case, then the new sellers who do well those first weeks could easily become level 1 and have the top sales/revenue/conversions for that month - in that case, they would deserve to be on the front page, ahead of some TRS sellers as they earned it.
Ranking by merit is not limited to those who sold 5000 gigs 3 years ago, it should be regularly updated.