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Just When Fiverr Thought They Had A Solution


But if Fiverr would get tenths or hundreds of new sellers each day, wouldn’t that make the top results constantly show the always-increasing queue of new sellers who’ve been given those couple of weeks as a performance test? (just thinking out loud)


I imagine there is a sizeable queue that has not yet been shown. Perhaps the queue being so long is what made the testing necessary?

Anyway, lets keep on topic and stick to jokes, hyperbole and satire on this thread!



Epileptic seizures and Feverr :joy: this topic is killing me!


Well, that is a solution, you won´t have to worry about your gig’s placement then anymore. Probably. Maybe. Well, who knows. But Fiverr won´t like it if you´re dead, let me check…yep, there´s a new paragraph in the ToS, you´re not allowed to let yourself be killed. So sorry. :slight_smile:


Absolutely no worries! I’ll purchase a 6000 pixel screen right away! maybe that way I’ll find my gig in the middle of the first page, who knows…


6000px? That’s enough resolution to scale it anyway I want so that I move my gig wherever I see fit, on the borders, in the middle, etc. Manual gig positioning, that’s a must-have feature!


Damn my cat is going crazy after reading that we are not getting a 6000 inch LED


They could fit more gigs on current screens too. On a 2560 pixel wide screen there’s a lot of white space on the left and right of the screen (I bet on 1920 pixel wide screens too) - about half the screen width in total is blank. They could add twice as many gigs on the width of the existing screens (eg. 2560x1440 ones or maybe 1920x1080 ones. And probably a lot more on “4K” ones (depending on screen size and viewing distance). And there will probably be “8K” monitors around soon. They could also reduce the size of the gig image to fit more on the screen simultaneously.

Will Fiverr be giving us houses with >500 foot rooms for their 6000 inch displays too? :slight_smile:

Also, to help show all the gigs on one page, the page could show them in a sort of 3D or like a hologram or VR, and/or with many gigs going into the distance. The high gig display rate was also a good idea :slight_smile: (the gigs could also scroll across the screen fast and smoothly).