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Just wondering if this is normal?

So I have noticed this a lot of times so finally just thought I’d ask, not sure if anyone else faces this too… :question:

:warning: I have literally noticed so many times that Buyer Requests show a number of active requests (usually a little more than it actually displays) but lists another amount of requests.

Sometimes it says 10 and shows me 2, sometimes it says 5 and displays 3, weird but I have been noticing this frequently. :no_entry_sign: :no_entry_sign: :no_entry_sign:

In the example below it says ACTIVE (4) when it actually displays 3 - Unfortunately all 3 buyer requests are from the same person and all 3 are same requests so thats weird to me too.

This has happened so many times so I thought I’d ask if anyone else also gets something similar or ever noticed this (duplicate requests + Active shows a different number than the one actually displayed)??? :crazy_face:

Yes, it does happen sometimes. When it displays a higher active number than seen, it’s probably because a buyer has removed a particular request. All you need to do is refresh the page. In cases of multiple or in your case triple request from the same buyer, it just means that the buyer created more than one request, though similar.
So yes, everything is normal.

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@vicvera450 Alright, thanks :smile: