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Just wondering why it\'s still called Fiverr when very few

Just wondering why it’s still called Fiverr when very few of the services I need actually cost $5.00. I understand the Extras, but today I am seeing gigs starting at $30!! I understand there are lots of talented people working hard & I’m not opposed to making more money, but Fiverr should stay true to it’s original intention – perhaps they should make another site like FiverrPro or something and let this one stay the original Fiverr that was created.

If people are willing to pay more then this site has evolved to let them.

This must be the 500th post on this topic this year. Quit bleating.

I did only 7 or 8 orders for $5.00 in the past 12 months. I think the whole buyer-seller-on demand ecosystem has significantly evolved. regardless of what the site is called, the pricing model (custom quotes) is now directly proportional to time, skills and effort involved to execute a particular task. Fortunately buyers across geography and industries are beginning to acknowledge that now.

So you are saying that sellers are now getting paid for what they actually provide, and buyers are willing to pay for that.

Inflation meant that many of Fiverr’s gigs would have to rise in price some day. Few people can work for $4 an hour. Fewer still can do that and provide quality.

I think most people understand that this is a site for freelancers, and that these freelancers need to earn a liveable wage.

I’d be surprised if the majority of people thought they could get professional-standard work done in any niche for a fiver a time.

Fiverr has become synonymous with “work done at cheaper than the market rate”, rather than “everything for $5.”

Yes then all the talented sellers will leave and take their business elsewhere and you’ll be left with all the dodgy sellers and then you’ll have something else to complain about! LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

Fiverr is still true to its roots of getting something for a fiverr. The features present have been ungraded to accommodate sellers and buyers alike who need something specific that goes beyond the fiverr and extras that may not address certain needs.

The Package feature is a recently introduced featured that permits sellers to charge accordingly as well as state what it is they are delivering for said price. Despite the gigs you’ve been coming across, there are still a large group of individuals that delivery goods for $5.

There’s even style guide creators for brands that provide services for $5.

What can be done in 5 minutes will still be a Fiverr. Buyers do not really exploit, it is seller’s desperateness sometimes that allow . You set a reasonable price, explain the after math why that time, research or creative process is required, they most often understand and pay for it. I have never even once changed my custom quote to get an order. Moreover, my quotes have strict “No revision post submission. Any additional requirement that comes as an afterthought will be a separate order please”. So far journey has been good.

$5 isn’t enough to survive even in India anymore. Forget the western world. I rarely see gigs that start at rates more than $5. That is still a relatively new thing here.