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Kalimba gig showing up last

I have an active kalimba gig and one of the clients has left a 5 star review. My average response time is really good. The client I’m currently talking with says my gig was one of the first when he first found me and that was before the 5 star review. Now it’s literally one of the last. Every time I search for “kalimba” there’s gigs from people that play completely different instruments or do other jobs showing up before mine. They don’t even have “kalimba” in their tags or title and they come first. I do have the word “kalimba” in my title, description and tags. I would understand level 2 sellers being at the top but this is just ridiculous. What’s wrong?

“I will record a real kalimba melody and make a video of it”

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You do know that Fiverr is not Google, right?

Ranking here is a myth.

Proof: It says this in the Fiverr ToS “Gig position is NOT permanent.”

Keep working those keywords and you’ll appear in searches when Buyers use those keywords looking for a service.


I do know it’s not google and I do know positions are not permanent, I can see gigs moving every day. I also said “I would understand if top sellers were on top” because of their hard work or whatever but this is not the case either. It just doesn’t make any sense for people that have nothing to do with the search word to show up before the ones that they’re entire gig is based on that word

Your gig does show up in search. There’s only one page of results, with 51 gigs showing when searching for “kalimba”, and your gig is the last one.

i know it shows up. Problem is, it’s the facking last one while other not related gigs show higher up the page

My results show a couple of kalimba playing gigs and you are third from last.

Don’t fret too much over search position. You’ve just started out and only have one review, so showing up on the prime spots is going to take some positive orders, time, and luck.

That would be a unique gig title.
I will play the f*%$#!g kalimba if only you can see this f*%$#!g gig.

Well, let me see if I can help you further.

You have ONE review.

Yes, it’s for 5-Stars but that won’t be enough to keep you on the first, ninth, twelfth, twenty-fifth or thirty-second page.

Get some more jobs under your belt and then you can make a case about not showing up where you think you should appear in searches.

Good luck.

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That would be a unique gig title.
I will play the f*%$#!g kalimba if only you can see this f*%$#!g gig

haha I’ve thought about it. I already took a small step and made the package names a bit “unsual” and “unprofessional”. Some appreciate it, others find it immature

I don’t want to bitch about it again, I understand that I’m just starting out and I should not expect everything to be easy but… There’s 2 other kalimba gigs with absolutely no reviews yet and they show up 3rd and 4th. There’s one other guy who “will mix and master metal…” with no reviews either, again higher up the “kalimba” search. Maybe you’re right and ranking isn’t a thing here. Maybe fiverr doesn’t like me.

I will now accept my fate as the last gig and move on.


It’s tough starting out here, for sure.

It took me over a year to get my first order.

Good luck.