KANGAROO COURT ON FIVERR: Unprofessional use of language, lol!


Imagine this:

Screenshot from 2018-01-03 09-30-24|677x500.

I’m posting this on fb too and anywhere I can expose this. Now I’m level one :slight_smile:


Why not just stop being unprofessional - it will hardly help you much to publicize the fact you have been unprofessional and broke the rules.


Funny how you recognize what helps me, vegetable thought. @eoinfinnegan, let me tell you what helps you, nvm. I dont know what helps you, lol! :smile:


Hard to recognize what kind of language to use. Maybe fiverr.com has a dictionary now that we can pick words from. I’m funny and the best most of my clients have ever seen (in terms of work, honesty and man-to-man relationship).

  1. I don’t know what language is unprofessional or is that part of the TOS (this is CS fall-back everytime they want to cheat you like I was cheated weeks ago)

  2. If I get that, I should at least get a reference to what I said, lol. Else, I believe its just a half-cooked lie.


Are you saying that you have absolutely no idea of what bad language you have been using?

I would begin by leaving out the type of language you have used on the forum which got posts flagged. Being funny is great, until someone doesn’t like the joke and reports it. Perhaps leave the humor out of the equation and just stick to professional discussion with clients instead.


As a vegan, this is pretty much my entire thought process.


– Unprofessional use of language is different from abusive languages or marked words. Teach more BrE to your CS people in case they got it wrong

– Are you saying I can’t be funny to my clients? Wow!, this is military now :smile:

PS: I didn’t get any reference to what I said that was unprofessional. They only came with some message telling me I used unprofessional language and hence I have been demoted!. Sounds autocratic, shouldn’t I at least know what languages? (If there was any :slight_smile: )


Paul, I run a intervention and recovery program for vegans. I’ll have you on bacon within 30 days.



Firstly, I don’t have any CS people - I am a seller on Fiverr and a volunteer moderator on the forum.

Yes, unprofessional is different to abusive and it sounds like you are using language in a non-derogatory manner but which is still unprofessional.

I am suggesting that you stop “being funny” because it is likely this is where the issues are - what you do is up to you but dont be surprised if your account is blocked as the CS message warns you that this is the next step.

This warning you got says it was your second warning - do you really not know what it is referring to? Perhaps contact CS and ask them to specify. Do be aware that it may be in reference to one or two occurrences and that if you decide to draw attention to your account they may find more of the same which probably wouldn’t bode well. Again though, I have no relation to CS so Im just giving you my opinion.

If you want to be funny, then perhaps stick to more simplistic jokes such as this one

How can you tell when someone is a vegan?

You don’t need to, they will tell you :smiley:


I’m not scared of getting my account blocked, lol!. I already feel like a wasted year of using fiverr ONLY (other 2017 achievements gets me smiling!). To me and probably countless others, fiverr’s account block has no meaning and its probably a show of cowardice.

If I get blocked for using unprofessional language, I mean its LAUGHABLE and grossly UNJUST. Nobody gets to tell me how I interact with my clients as long as a client isn’t reporting me.

Now I have a feeling that:

  1. Fiverr is snitching my messages (thinkable since its not end-to-end encrypted).
  2. Fiverr is imposing rules on how I should sell even if they cant get their TOS into this.



Actually, when you signed up to Fiverr you basically agreed to just that.

How do you know someone hasn’t? Fiverr would not tell you if they had, they would just make a decision based on the merit of the complaint.

Not sure what you mean but Fiverr CS has access to your messages and can see what you say IF they look. There are so many sellers here (hundreds of thousands) that I sincerely doubt you are being singled out - it is much more likely that someone reported you for something.

Hardly, you have been given 2 chances to change your behavior, if you don’t heed them and decide to continue in the same vein then you only have yourself to blame.


You sound so knowledgeable about this. Is fiverr paying you? For real? man to man now? lol!

I don’t have myself to blame for anything and since I get roped by their TOS. Tyranny? cunny? Extortion?.

One day fiverr will get into a massive law suit and I bet it with you, they will get paid in their own coin!!. Karma :smile: :smile: :smile:



Nice. I always heard it as

How can you tell if someone is a vegetarian?
Don’t worry they’ll F***ING tell you.


Dear OP:

I love these threads that essentially say: I didn’t get what I wanted so fiverr is unfair, so unfair, I’m leaving. I don’t care if I get blocked. I am done, leaving, then they stay around and drone on about it forever. Advice to OP, [Mod Note: inappropriate content removed ], we do have lives.


Love you! (20 characters)


Right back at you my friend.:grinning:


Love you too!

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If this post (KANGAROO COURT ON FIVERR: Unprofessional use of language, lol!) isn’t marked or hidden. Then I’m more convinced fiverr is biased, lol!.

The man dies in all who keep silent in the face of tyranny.

At least they said what they felt like, what do you feel like? Vegetable thoughts, HAHAHAHAHA


Oh wow - you really are funny, I thought you just thought you were!
Anyway, you do you in terms of how you act but don’t expect sympathy when it all goes south. Note: When your Fiverr account goes, the forum account goes soon after.

Yes, but I stay away from unprofessional language - even in jokes - it is safer that way.

It’s reciprocal but I won’t be going out to dinner with you - quinoa is not food, ok?


Like switching from this thread to conversing with the adults. Good luck.