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Keep an eye out for suspicious messages

I had a talk with a guy who I though wanted to talk about one of my gigs. He asked me to talk on discord. I didn’t realize asking someone to talk outside of fiverr was bad at the time. I’m still new to the site. I spoke with him and his tune changed. He was looking for an American citizen to create an account for him so he could find work in the US. He said he’s Asian (non-specific) and it made it difficult to make accounts on American freelance sites. Then he asked me to use my own personal info to start the account. He offered me $300 a month to do this for him. I rightfully declined. He instantly showed his true colors and started calling me names and yelling in all caps, etc. At that point I knew I’d made the right choice. Be careful, everyone. Keep an eye on your dm’s. Stay safe.


Stay safe from anyone that tries to take you to another site

You still should have read TOS. In a way, you’re in the wrong just as much as he is.