Keep calm and stay professional - When buyers underpay


I have had 2 cancellations in the last 4 weeks - both from buyers who completely underpaid by several hundred dollars. I got a third client like this just this morning - $5 paid for $275 worth of work.
In every case, I have sent a nice, friendly “please pay the extra amount required” (in a better worded way) with a custom extra. The first 2 requested cancellations which I granted, but the third, has just accepted the extra amount with a nice comment about how he was unsure as he had seen lots of really low pricing on the site.

My initial reaction to the third one was to write a not so friendly message and cancellation request. After a quick read-over, I figured that I was being too harsh so I deleted it and decided to go back to my usual benefit-of-the-doubt style of response. I guess the bright lights of Fiverr pricing sometimes dazzles people and they get confused or delirious about how much value is here.


Hey, Mr. Finnegan.

Yeah. It sucks when people come on here treating the marketplace like it’s a swap meet/flea market. Sometimes I find myself stepping away from my :computer: pacing back & forth with disgust. :unamused:

Tell ya what when you get some free time listen to Notorious Nika B.I.G Mo’ money, mo’ problems song, you’ll feel better. :smiley:


It’s hard for some to resist buying when they see that $5 price so big and bold on the thumbnails. They assume the seller is too insecure to ask for more.


Another reason to move away from the $5 price point. I think most people who do this are the price first (or only) buyers. Pricing yourself higher makes that type of buyer more likely to skip you. But not 100%. There is always THAT buyer.


$5 is nothing, and therefore, the seller is nothing to them. They have no respect.


I just had someone make an order for $125 for $450 worth of work - it’s my first order cancellation in nine months. Oh well…


Paul, I said I was sorry, sheesh.


I’m curious what was the Buyer’s excuse?

It seems the “Sorry, I didn’t read the gig description” is popular.


How do you handle the “It’s for charity” people?


I tell them that while charities solicit for donations, they still have to pay their bills, and their employees fair prices in order to exist.


“Sorry, I can’t pay you more, I have an ultralow budget.”



I just now had a new seller with gigs that are copies of mine ask to buy one of my gigs for $15, saying that’s all they can afford to pay. My prices start at $65.


I agree with this, adding that to your thumb or description is undercutting your own business. You should only offer a $5 service if that is the value and time it takes to do said service.



I’ll use this line next time. :ok_hand:t4:

I don’t like the guilt trip some Buyers like to put on me. :confused:

smh Eek maybe the Buyer will return after saving enough coins. :laughing:


The only issue with that is that I am a business, finance, and technology writer and they wanted me to rewrite a short-fiction story. I have advised them I may not be the best fit…


You’re a writer, surely you can do it, just write something… :rofl:


Oh, ok, Gotcha! :ok_hand:t4:

Eoin offers a consultation gig. Which makes sense and can potentially save time.

Do you offer those?


Charge em a grand and sub it for $400.


I don’t - I am not sure how to charge for it, but it might be worth looking into.