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Keep calm and stay professional - When buyers underpay


I know, but I like to pretend that when someone needs a translator that they should understand that $5 is not to translate an infinite number of words. I even have my rates in my gig image and highlighted in the description just for anyone who MIGHT be mistaken. Sigh…

I started off with charging a fee for 1/2 an hour, 2 hours and 5 hours of my time and expertise on the subjects and the gigs evolved as what people needed most became clear.



eye twitch


I could be clever and say I used that based on the idea that the clever paradox of using the word “professional” but spelling it in such a bad way would make my point mildly humorous.

However, the truth is that the Keep Calm generator I used wouldn’t fit enough letters so I mprvizd.


LOL! I see what you did there. Still made me cringe a bit though, haha


Well, you know - it´s so easy to miss both opportunities to understand the service explained - twice- on gig description and mini ´´package´´ description.


I do wonder sometimes if the problems are due to the gigs being mostly bought by non-English speakers and there is also the possibility that they are using Google to translate the descriptions etc.


What a good post! Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts. I hope this post will help sellers who are bad tempered. Such issues, I just leave it back for a while and than a few minutes later I send a kind offer/message. If we reply it instantly, we cant control our temper :slight_smile:




Shame on them. I don’t know why they copy others. Why they can’t be creative? BTW what happens to them who copy others. Can Fiverr track them or they would also be ranked.


Had someone request a quote for a decent sized proofreading job but just under the number of words for my priced Premium package. When I sent the price for the word count, I rounded down to $5 less than the price they would have seen on the gig.
Sorry, family difficulties so I can’t afford that much”.

Ehhhh, wut? Did you think I was going to halve my advertised prices because you also decided to send me a message rather than just place the order???


I get that a lot too… People requesting lower prices or promising “ongoing work.”


I get a feeling of disgust when they tell me they have problems so they can’t pay that much. I tell them I have too much work as it is and am about to raise my prices, which is true.
It’s not like I’m a new seller struggling to make a sale.


I’ve had this so many times.

“If you do this article for $5, I promise I’ll order from you again in future!”, or “We’re an up and coming business, we can’t afford your prices; do it cheaper for us and we’ll give you exposure!”


Had one today - can you deliver a marketing plan in 1 day, it is for a guy who has one business but can recommend us to 20 others.

Flag 1 - Obviously a reseller
Flag 2 - In a hurry so probably disorganized (NIGHTMARE for resellers)
Flag 3 - Won’t pay extra for extra fast but makes hopeless promises based on what some unknown third party might decide (Thanks for your message but I can’t help you with this. Best of luck)

It does boggle the mind alright. I feel like saying Well, I have to keep my prices or I will end up with family problems too

Shudder. As if you want more people like them (which is what their referrals will be like) to come to you!
I did consider responding to an off-Fiverr client who talked about exposure about the fact that I would not charge them extra to put my name beside their business but decided against it.