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keep getting ghosted, I dont know why?

I just wanted to rant, i havent seen many discussion about the topic.

the first time this happened, I had been sending progress updates to a client, ( i hadn’t open an order, mistake on me, i know) I was doing emotes for five dollars, five emotes, five dollars, (this is absurdly low price by the way) i send in some final examples, unusable obviously, he liked the first couple but not the others, so i asked him about what revisions he wanted to make, and he just, bailed, i texted him a couple weeks later but no reply, i just took the loss but was extremely frustrated, how hard is it to just give an answer??? either let me change it or tell me you dont want to work with me?

there’s been MULTIPLE instances of people opening conversations saying they want to work with me specifically, (addressed by name, I dont know if you can automate this message) i reply within ten or twenty minutes, no reply, I just assume that I took too long and they went with someone else, even though I think my response time was pretty reasonable

but the one that really ticked me off was this person who messaged me interested in my gig asking about stuff specific to my description. I replied within the MILISECOND. I was on my phone when the notif showed up, clicked on it and gave a reply on the same exact minute they spoke to me, there is no way they did not see it!! they were right there online! they sent a message at 6;32, i replied at 6:32. and nothing, ghosted me, its been days. ugh

was I too quick? if I take ten minutes its too slow, if I replied immediately is too quick? what’s with buyers and an aversion to just say, 'no sorry i changed my mind/i found someone else, ect. I find it extremely disrespectful to just leave someone talking to themselves.

for context, how i usually reply to an inquiry is by saying hello first, and affirming I can do their request, then I just ask for details. EX: hello! I read you do X in your gig description? im looking for blah blah- hello! yes I do X, are you looking for blah blah like this or like this? or alternatively, yes i can do x, are you interested?

I feel like this are very reasonable and to the point. I dont know if im being intimidating or what those people are thinking, or if my competition is online 24/7 and beat me in ten minutes, or if by chance, all of these potential buyers were struck by a meteorite and couldnt reply. but its happened to many times for comfort, and I don’t know if its something im doing wrong and can be avoid it, or people are just really weird that they want a job from fiverr and never log on again.

I just wanted to rant and see if anyone had similar issues, or had advice on how to beat this, or is this just truly part of the seller experience.


I’ve already answered this.

Did you mean to post it twice?

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