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Keep getting logged out when logging into Fiverr

Hi, I keep getting logged out when logging into Fiverr after click on a gig category, anyone else having this issue?


Same issue I have, it is fiverr bug


Hi, it seems you’re not the only one. Same thing is happening to me today, during last 10 minutes i was automatically logged out 5,6 times.


Here’s some more info:


Yep, same issue here. Has anyone got a solution yet?

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Is there any solution to this issue yet? It’s driving me crazy right now. Started about 7 hours ago and this is the first time I am experiencing it.

Fiverr please do something about this. It’s really irritating!

If anyone is googling this because they are having this issue. I resolved it by clicking on “Safari > Settings for this Website…” on my Mac’s menu bar and unchecking “Enable Content Blockers”.

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