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Keep getting offers that have nothing to do with my gig


For the past couple of days, I have been receiving messages from people that make me an offer, but either do not give me details that I have listed as a requirement on my gig, or have me do something entirely different that is not at all related to my gig.

So far I’ve had a couple of good experiences with clients through fiverr, and I want to keep having that experience, but right now it’s becoming more frustrating to deal with people that are either sketchy or sending me spam.

Is there anything that I am doing wrong with my gig currently? I would love to fix this issue so it doesn’t become any more prevalent.


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Hi Will. You could try with a higher starting price (adapt the number of work you’d do accordingly and write in the gig description that people can contact you for lower word counts, etc.), in my experience, and I think many other’s, that will greatly reduce the number of people ordering without contacting you - which, obviously, does have its advantages and disadvantages, though.

You have only one gig active currently, so you could set up a couple more to experiment with different price points, try to customize the gig for the clients you would like to have, and see how it goes (they do need to be different from each other in some other way too though, duplicate gigs aren’t allowed, maybe look at what other sellers in your niche offer to get an idea of how you could “diversify” your offering).

Else, I fear you can’t do anything else than report spammers and scammers and cancel orders if needed, but as of now, unfortunately, if you don’t go through support with a cancellation when someone orders something you don’t provide, your rating will drop, and may even drop if you go through support, as they seem to not cancel without it affecting sellers’ rates in all cases.

So, keeping them from ordering in the first place (by having less direct orders through gigs with higher starting prices) and being as clear as only possible about what your gigs provide seems to be the only way.

If it’s any consolation, spammers and scammers often seem to come in clusters (no idea why, maybe people with several accounts, maybe some new Fiverr guru blog or video rouses them, maybe it’s to do with your gig’s position or with where it’s being shown) but I do seem to often have several of them within a short time, and then again quiet times.


If there’s anything in your profile description that is similar to what they are asking but you don’t yet have a gig for you could either adjust the profile description or maybe create a gig for it. Like suggested, increasing the gig price could also help.