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Keep getting this security alert from bitdefender

I keep getting this alert from Bitdefender every time I refresh any page on Fiverr. Is that something related to Fiverr or something with my computer?

You can ignore it… The solution is to turn off bitdefender.

Oh man! I thought I was the single one getting this error. It`s so annoying!
I already contacted CS and they told me to clear my cache and cookies and to try to see if I get this error in incognito too.

Nothing helped. One of my friends told me that the problem is from their side actually.

If you are using VPN stop using it. There is no danger to refreshing fiverr pages and some programs give false alerts about it.

I can simply add it to the exceptions list to ignore this alert but i just want to make sure about it

I’ve also tried by clearing cache and cookies. still getting this alert.

Seriously stop using bitdefender if it’s sending alerts about refreshing fiverr pages.

Yes, but I still don`t think this would be the solution.
I would like to know why is this happening too! It started just a few hours ago!

I’m not using any VPN. I’m on my home internet connection.

Some programs object to things that are harmless. Fiverr uses various cookies, several at the same time and some programs think that is something to block.


same here. there were no such alerts like this before. it started about a few hours ago. First i thought it was a extension i’m using.

Yes. this is something about an expired certification of the related domain name.

Just click the button that says “add to exceptions”. Fiverr has exceptionally strong cookies it uses and actually does some tracking of your browsing but it’s harmless. Something it uses has an expired certificate but most of us are browsing just fine on fiverr without problems.

Yep, I don`t think we can do anything about this but just to add the website to exceptions. This is obviously due to the expired certificate.

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That website it mentioned does not even exist so that might be why they don’t have a certificate that’s valid. No worries.

It actually got fixed for me today. What about you?
I didn`t do anything, not even add the website to the exceptions.

Maybe fiverr took that site out of it’s code.