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Keep online - page Auto Reloader

If i keep online my profile by dint of chrome addons (Auto page loader)… page changes every 5 minutes…
fact is, using these addons will be a problem for my account?

Seeking the opinion of #experts

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I used an auto refresher when I substitute taught and needed to be notified a soon as a job became available. I had to stop using it when I began on Fiverr because, after a few refreshes, I was kicked off of the Fiverr site and received the message that I appeared to be a robot, and I had to sign in again. So to me, that is counterproductive.

My computer beeps every time I get a new message from a buyer, an order is accepted, or a review is left. So, I do not see a need for an auto refresher.


Wasn’t there a post recently by someone who, by their account, got banned right away, without even a warning, for using an auto-refresher?

Just don’t do it.


Avoid it, or you’ll be banned at any time.

You have already made a similar post.

By trying to appear online when you are not is fraudulent. You will be setting false expectations with a potential buyer.

This makes you the sort of seller that I would do anything to avoid.