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Keep revenue in Fiverr account


Is there a way to prevent my seller revenue to be paid through Paypal?

I want to keep the revenue in my account to use it for buying gigs myself.

Just dont request withdrawal to paypal.

if you will not withdraw you can you use these fund to buy things on fiverr. simply order gig you want to buy and you funds for buying the gig will be deducted from your earnings.

You dictate when your funds are withdrawn to Paypal or Payoneer so as mentioned before, just don’t request a withdrawal.

Hi, I had a very small doubt. Do you guys keep a track of your revenues nd funds cleared manually also? Like apart from Fiverr Revenue page, just to cross check, and has there been any mismatch which needed CS support, in that I will also manually keep a record woth me.

I had some mismatches before but once the orders are flowing, its really hard to keep track, so just have to trust in the system…