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Keep reviews if gig gets deleted

So if i have a gig. Someone oders quite a lot from that gig. And while i like the good reviews, i decide to delete the gig because the old delivered works do not reflect upon my current skills or something like this. Will i keep the reviews or will they be gone too?
Is there a way to change the pictures to the delivered orders, or at least to get the newest ones to show? Also i have delivered different versions of my work and sometimes fiver takes the most simplified and lowest quality(in my eyes) version of it and sets it as gig example. Is there a way to change this picture to another one that i also delivered but that did not get shown as example in combination with the review?

Thanks in advance and have a good day fellow fiverrs!


If you delete your gig but review will still on your profile
Its simple solution is that just turn off gig portfolio.

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This sentence makes no sense at all, yet you claim to be fluent in English.

Anyway, @nimi_art, if you delete your gig then it will not delete the reviews from your profile. They will still be on there.


You can delete the gig and keep the reviews, but they won’t be connected to any gigs.

A better option might be to edit your gig. You can turn off your live portfolio if you aren’t happy with the quality of your older work, but that will remove all previous samples in your live portfolio. Then, add sample images of your current work, and update the photos and gig description.


I think you need to read again hope you got it :slight_smile:

Hi @mini_art
I think people will only see your reviews…, not your works on the review it self?
I mean…, client will have some many difference need…, and sometimes they can ask a silly task and willing to pay ( didn’t reflect on your skill requirement)
You can change your portfolio thumbnail to show your skill.

Or Did i missunderstood something?


That’s a great answer :heart:

Please don’t be sly, you obviously edited it, I can see the symbol.

The text of yours from my quote is different to what it currently says, which still doesn’t make sense:

It should be:


Oky! Jake_hopkins i think i am not capable for this platform first I learn then came back sorry

That’s no reason to tell a downright lie.

You made a mistake, I pointed it out, you edit the mistake, and then ask me what I’m on about, as if you didn’t edit it.

I just want to say thanks for asking an intelligent and interesting question. I mean it.

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Thank you all for the replies and @english_voice: you are welcome haha.
So the overall consensus is:

  1. I can delete the gig and keep the reviews.

  2. I can not delete or change a picture of a certain review showing up in the portfolio of the gig.

  3. The best option i have is disabling the live portfolio and updating the 3 gig-gallery-images i have. I will only have 3 work-examples and the written reviews will stay on my profile without any pictures.

Should someone find a way to replace one picture of a finished work, in the live portfolio, with another version, which was also delivered with the same order-delivery, then please let me/us know about it.

Best wishes,


Hehehe, this comment alone was worth reading the whole post.

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it was good and important question :heart_eyes: