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Speaking of this, when I signed up a few weeks back, I used a stock image from my computer as my profile pic. I had no intention on keeping it, that was all I had at the time on the computer I was using and for some reason I could not reverse it once I dragged over the image to the box. I knew I would change it once I started posting my own gigs.

I have since changed my image on the main site to a custom sketched of my own eyes I had made through a gig I purchased with commercial rights. Why do I still see the old image here on the forums of the stock photo of clouds? How do I change that in the forums? I can’t seem to find a way to do this in settings.



Log out of 5r and forum.

Clear your cache.

Log back on.



Hahaha, it worked!!! :wink:


Nice profile pic!!

I like it! :sparkling_heart:


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In terms of stolen images, I hate it when they are used for profile pics or when used to trick a customer. Like why would you sell business card designs but not show YOUR designs?

However, if your gig is like, fortune telling, writing, etc, there isn’t isn’t much harm in finding a stock image of some someone reading a fortune or something, like how what else are you going to use to show you’re a writer? Post a screenshot of Microsoft Word? Booooring!

But any gig that your images are LITERALLY showcasing your work, like art, design, logo making, photoshop, etc, using YOUR images is a must! Using other people’s work to showcase what you can do is flat out lying.

And there is no reason not to use your own images or logo for your profile. My nose is huge and wonky and my face us misshapen and I still use my image…



Nice eyes and good looking profile image.

Cannot Sell My GIG yet. Please Have A look and Give an honest Opinion

Aww, thanks, I guess I’ll go ahead and share here… the original photo I took with my phone that I sent the artist to create this sketch. She did a brilliant job…


I guess this shows that users can be creative if they don’t want to use their own image. Plenty of gigs to help sellers promote themselves without Lying…

I personally don’t have a problem with my facial features and am very confident standing in front of a crowd in person. However, I prefer to be very discrete about showing my face online. I’m also Native American so it’s part of my culture when photographs are involved to keep them and personal identity secure.


I appreciate your honesty and if all the sellers are like you then fiverr will be the best and more trust worthy for buyers coming here.

I did not mention that all sellers has to be show their photograph on profile, if they are not interested to share their photo online then better use a personalized logo for them and use it as profile pic.

You did a great job and awesome profile image :slight_smile:

Get amazing logo before 24 hours

Hello all,

3 to 4 sellers has changed their profile image to their own image or logo after i requested sellers with this post. I am sure if all sellers follow the same soon we will be succeed.


Update: 4 sellers used their own profile images and own gig images for their gigs.

Keep it sellers, always be true and honest to your heart.


I still saw Ashton Kutcher on Fiverr the other day…


Yes still there are sellers using stock images on their profiles. Some one has to keep educate these sellers, and i am ready to do that to keep fiverr clean and trust worthy. I will do my best and educate the new sellers.


Let’s say you manage to educate 100 sellers in a month or half-a-month. But how long will you be able to do this? Because there are probably around 1,000 new sellers coming in each month, eager to earn quick money by copying others or using fake info.

And Fiverr will not even pay you for this - and if, by some unlucky chance, you ever have trouble with one of your gigs (Fiverr has deleted gigs for weird reasons in the past), trust me, they will not have your back because you cleaned the site.

What I’m saying is that you are simply overworking yourself to no avail instead of focusing on your work and your life; you can’t educate everyone, and there will always be a lot more to come needing education.

Or maybe I’m wrong, who knows…


Thanks a lot Brother. I agree with you. It’s better to concentrate on my work as i am not going to change entire world of sellers.

Thanks so much for your valuable suggestion.


You’re welcome! And don’t get me wrong: I actually do appreciate & respect your desire to change people and clean the site, but that would only work in a perfect world :slight_smile:


Yes brother, you are right. All of us has some desires but we can’t change the world. Really happy about your suggestion.


Great post @balubfa12 I’m with you on Keeping Fiverr Squeaky Clean! :sunglasses:

Donating some supplies to keep this place neat & tidy! :wink:



Thanks for your support.


Hello All,

I just searched new graphic design gigs and there is less copy cat gigs in flyers and brochures. Hope all the new sellers will use their own designs for gig portfolio.

The way to succeed in