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Here is my Kind request to all sellers and Buyers:

  1. Before planning to start Selling or Buying on fiverr, Kindly spend some time on Fiverr website and Forum and read guidelines

  2. For Buyers please do not buy immediately with a seller if you have any doubts to clarify. Better spend few minutes time to chat with seller regarding what service you need and what he is going to offer you and make sure to clear all your doubts before placing the order.

  3. For sellers (Especially New Sellers), do not expect immediate success or getting so many orders in queue like other sellers. Please work hard as so many experienced and higher level sellers are working 15 to 18 hours per day to deliver the best work to their clients. Kindly spend some time to create your own graphics or images for your gigs. If your services is not related to design, then please take some help from designers to set up a professional gig images to the services you are offering.

I hope all the sellers will understand and keep the site clean and Honest.


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Hello to everyone

Agree with you 100% :wink:


Do you agree with my post?


Totally agree, although this post like many other useful ones will go by unnoticed by sellers, because you have to understand that new sellers join Fiverr to make quick $$, they have no interest in reading TOS pages or helpful forum guidelines :frowning: and there’s nothing standing in their way & nothing they wouldn’t do for quick cash.

New sellers always see those top sellers that have been on the site for ages but they don’t know or care about that, they see someone making money so they see a potential for making money as well, and they think that putting up a new gig will immediately attract buyers, because they think the world is full of buyers wanting to throw away their $$.

Honestly though, I think the world is more filled with sellers/providers trying to make $$ than buyers wanting to spend them, because it’s in our nature and core needs to favor earning money over spending them.


I don’t know about other departments but I know a few +Level2 sellers in the sound effects department re-selling sounds from free libraies. For example, one seller is selling parts of a free library that put together during the GDC (Game Developer Conference). gives these libraries away for free (more than 10GB of sounds every year since 2015) to help game developers or anyone that wants them…

If you are part of the game audio industry you know these libraries are free for everyone to use but not to re-sell, since it is illegal. The average client that comes into Fiverr doesn’t know about this and pays +$10-50 to get the libraries.

To be honest is both the sellers being irresponsible and the uneducated clients.
For the Sellers: No one should be reselling work they didn’t do (specially art: music,visuals, websites, etc…) it takes years to master these crafts and it is very insulting when someone claims work that doesn’t belong to them.

For the Buyers: Have some common sense. If a seller has Gigs on a variety of departments you should be careful. I’m not saying everyone with an audio gig and a web development gig or a lot of unrelated gigs are bad sellers (they might be very talented people), but do your research and save yourself some money/time.

Just my opinion :stuck_out_tongue:



I am a professional graphic designer and working more than 5 years on fiverr. I want to keep my buyers safe and i use only 100% free fonts and some fonts or images i personally purchased with royalty free license. in that way me and my client both will be on safe zone.

Most of the sellers here are directly using stock images with out purchasing any license from the stock image websites. they simply grab some images from google search and directly using, even logo design elements as well.

That’s why i am keep telling this to all sellers please work hard, show your talent to the world and earn money. Please take care of yourself and your buyers as well.


I do agree, but unfortunately, the people that needs to read your thread, won’t.

We will continue to have celebrity, model, super stars selling on 5r with Google images.

We will continue to have buyers that think it’s possible to get complex logo done for $5 in 4 hours by looking at portfolios with stolen designs.

Unfortunately, it’s a losing battle. I know your feeling. It’s tiresome. :tired_face:


I will do my best to keep FIVERR CLEAN and TRUST WORTHY for the BUYERS

When ever i find something wrong with sellers i will guide them to do hard work and do the best what they can do to the buyers.


And, that’s why I give my sellers the stock image that I purchased through Canstock. That way I’m 100% certain everything I have is legal for commercial use.



Thats good and correct. so that both the seller and buyer will be in safe zone. I always explain to my buyers regarding stock images purchasing and using in design.

Very few buyers (like you) will send their own purchased stock images to sellers.

Buyers and sellers should aware of using google images directly on their designs.


I am sure one day fiverr will take action against the fake sellers with their stolen work from internet.


Glad to hear you do great work! You should be very proud of it.

There’s always someone trying to get easy/quick money and in the end they just hurt the industry. It’s up to us to keep delivering high quality work and at the same time educate the clients on what the standard prices and quality are.

All the best,



Thanks for your support.


Well said!!!..



Thanks for your support Brother.


Thank you for this post. Very well said!



Thanks so much for your support.

I Got Level 2 and Thanks my all fiverr friends

yes i am also agree your post… i am come first time fiverr so i look here and there so 80% seller use fake images… and i am also include this things but thanks your post is very best…



thanks for understand. Be true to your heart. if others following wrong directions to get orders or reaching levels that would not last them for long time. Some day they will face some issues, but if you are true to your heart and follow correct direction then success will be yours. no one can stop you.

please use your own images and designs. do your best work always. all the best.


yes i must use my logo and act your advise…:slight_smile: