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Keeping artwork


I am a buyer and I was curious about, How long does the artwork stay in my Fiverr portfolio? Do I have to download it ASAP or do I have a time frame? I know I can go into manage order and still be able to download it.


for what they have commented to me when you send it you can download it whenever you want less than 30 days. but as fast as possible guarantees you that you received the job you expected and so you can qualify the seller


You don’t have to download it ASAP, but to be honest, downloading it quickly and saving it in a couple of places is the safest thing to do. While it does stay on Fiverr for a while, glitches happen, so the work you paid for might get lost, and some sellers delete the artwork they did from their computers after a while.


I still can download files that I sent to buyers more than 2 years ago.

I clean my computer regularly so when people come back for me for changes I just download source files that I sent them from fiverr page.
So I don’t really think there is a time limit.


According to my knowledge there is no time limit.
But It’s better to download.


From what I have heard there’s no time limit as such, but I would still recommend you to download it, just to be on the safe side.