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Keeping it professional


Why do I always get responses such as

“Dear” (I’m not a friend or relative) or
"Sir" (It’s obvious from my profile that I am a woman).

Would you address potential employers when you apply through Seek or other employment websites?

Didn’t think so …

Keep things professional on here as you would do outside of Fiverr!


I think it is pretty normal to relate to another as in “dear” in certain cultures, and people might actually want to be sincere and polite.
Not saying that I use the term, but I have seen many folks do it. It can be perceived as unprofessional as you say, I agree.


Dear Sir,

It is the fault of the cultural upbringing which forces people to use a certain type of salutations when addressing another person.

In some culture addressing another person directly by their first name is a norm, where in another that is considered downright rude. So such salutations are used as they are considered the safer choice.

Yours truly with sincerity and abnormality,

  • DJ


Hello, we have all countries and cultures on here. Education in proper ways of communicating is lacking or different in various parts of the world.

As we can see in many ways there are those who are not aware of how to address others,
or how to communicate in a proper way. It’s a sign of someone to avoid if you find their communication skills lacking.