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Keeping or cancelling incomplete orders

This is an old discussion but deserves revisiting. What do you do with incomplete orders after nudging the buyer and they still don’t respond? Keep it and hope someday it will become active or cancel it?

I’m curious what actually happens to them also. I usually just message the buyer buyer though, so have only had one situation like this where they didn’t proceed. Without keeping a good eye on things one could miss them though, so maybe there could be a section where we could view them?

I have two orders that have been incomplete from apr 2013…back when I was learning the ropes. I had multiple orders from the buyer. I had completed the request but forget to make sure all of them had a response, the buyer never responded to multiple messages and nudges from the past year, so there they will sit…forever incomplete.

If I had orders that were made without notice and incomplete I would most likely cancel them, I wouldn’t want them to suddenly become active when I was on vacation or booked up with orders.

A buyer came and ordered my gig and every one of my extras totalling to around $30 a few months ago. It’s still sat there now, dormant, having never got any information to proceed.

Weird really, keeping money tied up for nothing

If you are the seller, do not cancel these incomplete orders. I’m pretty sure it affects your rating if you do. Just leave them there and ignore them. At least that’s what I do.

Makes me wonder who has the oldest incomplete order and how old it is… :-?

Reply to @johnnewland @accessgirl yes, if the buyer does not respond it shows up as a cancellation. (which in my opinion is a massive flaw in fiverrs system). Definitely don’t cancel them.

Reply to @accessgirl: July 04, 2012 is my oldest


Reply to @johnnewland: Nice lol

Reply to @alysmcdonough: I get a very small percentage of people who buy without letting me know first and out of those buyers only 2 or 3 that have never responded, so for me the damage is minimal if cancelled but could be major if the buyer decided to respond and I was booked up or on vacation. I can imagine how some gigs can get a lot of these though, so ya, probably not a good idea to cancel if that’s the case.