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Keeping short response hours attract more buyers!


Keeping short response hours will help to attract urgent buyers than keeping high ratings! Statement is opened for the discussion!

I maintain one hour response rate…! What is yours?

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Well I am a student and checking fiverr 3 times in an hour lol.

My response time is 1 hour

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My response time is 2 hours :smiley:


Osman shahbaz


Reply to @mallika255: Thanks, currently Fiverr is my full-time job, and I check it a lot as well.


3 Hrs. I wish it was 1 Hour, but I have to sleep sometimes.

My advice to people is to check Fiverr at least 3 times a day. If you have a full-time job, get the Fiverr app. Don’t do Fiverr from work or you’ll get in trouble.


Reply to @fastcopywriter:

Great suggestion. I am full time fiverr worker and i am using app … and check more then 50 time in a dat to make my response time faster. it really help.

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I just need 2 orders to be a level one seller. great thing was i took just 10 days for that. I think quick response and better service help me for this…


My Response Time is 1 Hour!

And I have the app its help you keep up…


How can i get fiverr app?


i wonder how fiverr calculates this response time, mine stand at about 9 hours which is :(( rather annoying considering that i respond to messages within 1-3 hours…


i am on fiverr constantly, every day… and my response time is 12 hours… i have never been able to discern why it is completely off. it truly should be one hour… is there any way to have this amended/fixed by the fiverr folks? any suggestions out there, fiverr friends?