Keeping track of all your sales, messages, and more!


Hello everyone!

I am somewhat new to fiverr. Almost been here for two months and have been amazed at the fiverr community and the responses to my Gigs.

So I like to keep track of all my sales, messages, and feedback on fiverr but it became more difficult as I obtained more buyers. I began to have a hard time keeping track of who sent me what message and how to get back to the message (along with all the other things you need to keep track of when doing multiple Gigs).

My solution to this problem was to make an excel file that could keep track of all this plus more! It has worked so well for me that I thought "maybe I should offer this as a Gig on fiverr!"

So I spent days making an excel sheet that could be worthy of a Gig. It is not just a basic spread sheet, but it has many hidden features that help to prevent wrong data entry or warn about possible wrong data entry. For example, if a Gig is marked as completed but you have a quantity of zero, then the cell with zero lights up red.

I included a very quick video of the Gig Sales Tracker in the Gig so please check it out here:

Hopefully this Gig Sales Tracker will make your fiverr experience much more enjoyable!

Dr. Joshua


Reply to @dr_joshua: My Best Guess: 90% of them don’t visit the forum. Those who do are already using the free version. Keeping in mind that your gig targets the other seller, its very unlikely that any random seller will search for something like that.


It seems to be a dream that one day I will also require one such Excel sheet ;0

at the moment it is so easy to keep track of my gigs :slight_smile:

There is always something good in everything - Even in having lesser gigs to deliver … hehehe




Reply to @musiclover: Sorry to refer to you as a guy. My mistake :frowning:

I would say that you inspired me to create an amazing excel file! I would compare it to those shows like “house makeovers” or “Pimp my ride” where they completely strip down the house/car and make it into something amazing!

As you can see, I have not made any sales on it. Also, I have no problem with people using yours since it is free. I think it is great that you provide it to people. I just wanted to give people another option (which nobody has chosen yet).


There is already one available in the forum and that too free of cost to all. How is your version better that that one and why does it cost a gig?


Hello Atechkid!

Thank you for replying and asking your question. Here is the answer:

My additional features above the free one:

  1. More Status options: New, Active, Delivered, Modify, Cancelled
  2. Gig Review column with selections for Positive, Negative, Not Received, N/A
  3. One click links to: Inbox, To Do, Manage Sales, Analytics, My Gigs, Revenues, Buyer Requests
  4. Running total column
  5. Extremely clean interface. You can leave entire rows blank and it will not mess up the following rows (such as totals, etc)

    Below are just some of the hidden aspects to help prevent incorrect data being entered into the tracker:

  6. Negative numbers cannot be entered
  7. If Status is “Completed” and zero is entered into Quantity, then the Quantity cell becomes red
  8. If Status is “Completed” but there is no number in the Quantity then the cell becomes red
  9. If Gig Extra is not a multiple of 5 then the cell is becomes red
  10. If quantity is zero but there is a value in Gig Extras then the Gig Extras cell changes color
  11. If the Status is not marked as complete but the Gig Review status cell is Positive, negative, or Not Received then the Gig review cell turns red (if you pick N/A it doesn’t turn red).

    If the free one works for you, then just use that one! I wanted something with more options so I spent some time making my own.


I am actually planning to make one own hosted script for it. I am planing to make it more automated and User Friendly. Just waiting for v2 to be stable.


I was looking into having mine get the orders directly from online and import them into excel but I can’t find a simple way to do that.


It has to be done by DOM. Will have to write a php class specifically for fiverr using its structure.


Yeah, that is beyond my knowledge right now and would probably take me way too long to learn. But it looks like that is right up your ally with the type of gigs you have.


Looks like people already keep track of their gigs or don’t need to. I haven’t had any sales on this.


Reply to @atechkid: I agree atechkid. It is hard to target other sellers. They don’t usually search for things to buy. I think my only good chance is if my gig is featured on the front page! I know as a seller, I am forced to look at the front page every time I go to fiverr.


Reply to @maxim: Hi, I don’t want to hijack this discussion as its related to a gig. So its better you use search function.


Well, even after having about 15 new orders and couple inbox conversations I managed to deal with it. Not much of course - but a lot for me so far. Advice to keep it all on track: react on every message as soon as you see it… just reply anything useful if you don’t know what to say so far - just to make a person reply later, and before he does, you have time to deal with other issues you’re able to solve. Manage sales page is a lot of a helper here :slight_smile:


Reply to @kireno: Yeah, one of the problems I ran into was when a person just sent me a message and I replied to the message, then it would get burred under all my other noticfications. If would pop up again if they replied but if they didn’t then I just had to remember.

Also, with my Gig Tracker, it is much easier to go back to a previous sale or message because you have a list of your sellers and you just click on the link.

I am also able to get more positive feedback because I can see instantly who hasn’t left me feedback and one click to message them and request it.

So, yes fiverr has it somewhat organized but I find my Gig Tracker to be much more convenient even if you don’t have many sales :slight_smile:


Reply to @atechkid: hi where can I get the free version?


Reply to @maxim: Hello Maxim! There is no free version of mine. There is another forum member that has been giving his out for free. So just search through the forums and you can find him.

I added a lot of features to mine so that it would be worth the little amount of money to buy it. I would really appreciate someone buying my gig but I understand if you want to try the other one first :slight_smile:


I take it you just copied my excel file then added other stuff?

If anyone wants the original FREE FILE I created, just let me know. Here’s where he probably got this idea from:

By the way, I’m not a guy, I’m a female.