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KeichiP221 at your service!

Hello and greetings to everyone in the Fiverr Forum. My name is Calvin, and I’m from Indonesia. But I prefer to be called by my aliases as KeichiP221 for music producing or MythSounD as my illustrator pen name. And if you happen to find Mili_A or Milafare Altarela in digital music stores or streaming services, that’s also me, but as my internet alter-ego for my personal storytelling with music project.

As I have stated beforehand, I’m a composer, audio producer, songwriter, and Japanese-artstyle illustrator. It’s been 9 months since I signed up for my membership to Fiverr, and I’m looking forward to start my full-time career as a freelance audio producer starting here. Thank you for reading my short introduction, and I hope that you’ll have a good day.

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