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KENVELOart - Sports/eSports Graphic Designer


Hello !

I’m KENVELO, a graphic designer specialized in esports/sports logo design but i can stretch on any field.


Why would you choose me ? - All my artwork is clean, simple, and original.
I do not work for clients, I work with them.

These are the steps i take before starting a new logo.

Sketches - I create unlimited sketches for you until you’re happy with the result.
Want changes made? - I will make all the changes in the world for your as long as it’s BEFORE I send the final logo to you. I charge a compensation rate if you want changes made after I send you the final files


Hello, mate. Be careful because there’s another brand called Kenvelo and it’s from the Czech Republic. Since you live in Europe, you can have problems.


Yes, i know, it’s a clothing brand, but i’m not a company, this is just my nickname.


You don’t have to explain to me, I’m just giving advice, because in the EU…you know, it’s… :face_with_thermometer: