Key Milestones for Reaching TRS Status


Hi All,

Since many of us are diligently working to reach TRS status, I thought I’d make a thread for us to keep track of milestones and targets to shoot for on our path! It goes without saying that a well-crafted gig, aesthetically pleasing images, exceptional customer service, timeliness of responses, etc. are all de rigueur - but I feel like there are definite key milestones as well!

I’ll start off this discussion with a list of the ones I’ve come up with so far. Everyone else - especially you wise TRS’s - with other milestones in mind, please add to the list!

Milestones (in no particular order)

  • Level 1 status (obviously)
  • Level 2 status (also clearly necessary)
  • First 100 positive reviews
  • First monthly $1,000 earnings





    (feel free to add to this! :slight_smile: )




Get through level 2.

Strive to be the best person a customer will work with on Fiverr.

Be a great asset to the Fiver community both on the Forum and the Linkedin Group.

Pour into other seller’s lives. Each one of us plays a role in taking Fiverr to the next level.

Absolutely maintain 0 negative feedback. It takes alot of time investment. Lot’s of revisions. Never give up on providing a product that the customer loves.

Always look to see how you can create something that the customer can leverage in a way that benefits the customer’s business and helps them make money.

Design your gigs in a way that you can make money!

When I received TRS, It was so far off my radar. I was getting great sales and getting great traction at Level 2. My sales now are similar to my sales at level 2. It is just an additional validation or credential. My point is TRS doesn’t equal more sales, More sales equals TRS. I did more projects at level 1 and level 2 the I do now. My largest income months were at Level 2. I’ve just slowed my pace down some. Now I just do different projects. Less projects that are each a little bigger than before. I find myself these days trying to find the right jobs and not as focused on quantity.