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Hi. Everything was OK. Why now my concert keywords appeared in the search results on the last pages or disappeared from the search completely?


Rankings change, often drastically. That’s the nature of algorithms.

What does the rating have to do with it? I’m talking something else entirely.

I’m talking about keyword recognition.

No you aren’t at all. You’re talking about why are you on the last pages or not at all. That’s literally what you said. That is your ranking.

Ranking means what your position is for a search query.

Yes. And what determines your keyword recognition? The algorithm. That’s how it works.

Rating of 5 stars - means the position in last place or not at all in the show?

I repeat again. For some keywords my concert is not on the list.
Or it’s shown very far, where there are no such keywords nearby.

No your rating doesn’t dictate your ranking.

Thousands of sellers are at Level 2. Each page has less than 50 spots for gigs. So it isn’t even possible for them to all rank well. Plus there are many other factors in the algorithm and Fiverr programs it that way for their business goals.

This has been discussed here many times. All gigs fluctuate in the rankings dramatically regardless of performance.