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Key words etc


hi guys, I do some gigs for writing flyers and blog posts stuff like that. I notice people mention keywords and seo in their gig description. What does this mean and how does it help a blog? I would like to understand this so I can offer in my gigs. Thanks!


you write blogs but don’t know seo and keywords mentioning? strange!

Anyways, keywords are the specific words that user search on search engines and seo helps a website to become on top. This is just the intro.


ty you guys and sheik, I am not a professional blogger and do not advertise as such, this is why I asked ,


I wouldn’t just start offering keywords in your gigs. It takes a while to learn about keywords, using the right density and ranking well on search engines. Not only do you need to find the most popular, but it is worth finding the least competitive at the same time to rank highly quickly. It took me a good year of writing online to really understand it and then Google Panda and Penguin hit, which meant learning new techniques to rank well. There are plenty of websites and books offering help with SEO.


thanks aingham, right now I just write the info requested and have had 3 positive reviews on that gig I am at 100% right now:)


Reply to @katylady77: Ahh! sorry then for being harsh.


its ok…you are fine! I do wish I knew more and am learning