Keytar Gig? Yeah. Keytar gig


Fiverrs first fully functional Keytar slayer gig is here.
It’s the gig everyone is asking for. Silently, I assume, but really… really heartfelt silent asking. Longingly (if you will) just hoping that the day will arrive when they can have a keytar solo on their song.

As a proud member of the globally recognized “Pianists for Standing and Making guitar player faces” organization - I’m fully qualified to play face melting solos while brooding deeply in what’s commonly referred to as “piano face.”

Keytar solos can elevate the status of any song or backing theme. But don’t take my word for it- lets ask the year 1987.
Mooch: Excuse me 1987, are keytars the future of music and adverting?
1987: Like, totally.