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Keyword Error in low competitio

I find a low competition keyword and I used but I don’t know my gig doesn’t appear on this keyword. while appearing in the other 4 average competition keywords, Why it didn’t appear?

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I only see four tags in your gig

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That the problem, please check this.

You could try reporting it as a bug to Fiverr in the helpdesk and seeing what they say. Show the screenshot of your edit and show the tags that are shown when you view the gig normally and explain that one is missing.

It might be something to do with it being a trademarked name or it might just be a bug.

edit: If you’ve only recently added that last one it might be a cache thing but if you’ve saved it in theory it should show when you do a full refresh (ctrl F5).

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Probably because VideoScribe is a program, not a keyword. Buyers are not likely to know nor care what program a Seller used to make a video. You’re wasting a tag space.

It’s also possible that it’s not working because you don’t use it anywhere else in your gig either. If you really want to use it as a tag, maybe adding a FAQ answering ‘what programs will you use’ will fix it. Maybe not. (I ran a search: ALL the results have ‘videoscribe’ in the title.)


Thank you so much


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Hm…, Great I don’t even think about it, Thank uh
and you’re genius.