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What you get with this Keyword Research Gig
We provide extensive in-depth keyword research on ANY website to identify the best keywords for SEO, PPC & Google Adwords for any industry/niche and for any country. Please note 1 order is either for a 1 country search or a global search & includes 1 website URL & 1 niche. Contact us for a quote if you have multiple websites / niches, or a project involving interfacing between websites.

Keyword research is imperative to success. You must target the right keywords to create higher search engine rankings, better visibility & of course more visitors finding your website. We will professionally forensically analyse your website & give feedback for on average 100-200 keywords including:

✓The number of keyword searches per month & average cost per click
✓What the top sites are doing and the particular keyword strength
✓Identification of specific page 1 positions on Google that have low competition
✓Keyword strength to rank in certain positions on Google page 1
✓Number of adverts at the top of the search page / the advert count

The finished report will be emailed to you in an easy to understand pdf/spreadsheet. If you have any questions, we’ll be happy to help. As keyword, SEO, website traffic and AdWords experts, if you’re looking for a proven method of using your time in the most effective way, then you’ve come to the right person. We will dissect your website, & then create an extremely valuable report based on the keywords that you should be targeting.

We’re a Pakistan operation & have built an international client base of customers over the years from the range of services that we provide. This of course leads to regular referrals.

With our detailed report, you will discover lucrative terms that can help you increase your site traffic, impressions & your profit. We are experts at increasing online representation which means improved visibility on search engines.

Other services that we provide that are very helpful include competitor research & analysis and backlink research. We can find out all the keywords (and all the backlinks) that your main competitor is using. The information is extremely useful and can save you a lot of time and money as you will know exactly which keywords and backlinks to use to maximise the visibility of your website very quickly.