Keywords help needed


Sometimes I have to use these keywords “Pay”, “Email”, “Skype”, “Contact No”, “Facebook” etc. As soon as i do that my messages get flagged.

Any help will be appreciated.



Someone needs to brush up on their TOS.


you done being cool bruhh?


Try to avoid using these words in general. The system automatically flags the messages for review. As long as you are not trying to take the business off of Fiverr you don’t have anything to worry about.


Ask smart questions | receive smart answers


I don’t like your sarcasm. If you think it’s not a smart question, just ignore.
Have a good day.


Practice what you preach.


Let’s be nice here DJ. I think OP had a typo in his sentence. He asked a legit question so please don’t start poking people :wink:


here’s the situation.
My client ABC wants to have push notification integrated in his/her application. I need to ask him for his email. there’s no other way around.




Can you make it part of your buyer requirements?
As long as it’s needed for an order it’s usually not an issue. You can always reach out to customer support and ask them for advice since the flagging seems to delay the process.


I wasn’t poking Anna.:slight_smile: I did ask him to try l33t speak, but I edited that part out since @emmaki reminded him of the TOS.

We had this discussion in private and on the forum before. The keyword checks are there for a reason, and I think it would be very unwise to even discuss circumventing those here on the open forum.

If this was permitted at all, I am pretty sure, there would have been a thread with all “CODE” words for alternate usage of the Flagged words.

OP has been selling on Fiverr since 2016, if he still hasn’t figured out how to communicate via the ORDER page, there’s nothing much any of us can do here without violating Fiverr’s TOS even here on the forums.


Thank-you for your help.


Type it like this e-mail ^^