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Keywords/tags being ignored in search

Hi there, new to both Fiverr and this forum.

So I created a gig :

And two of my tags are " fiverr video" and “gig video”

Now when i search using those exact tabs I do not show on “fiverr video” but do show on “gig video”

Any reason you can think for this ? Neither search string return more than two pages

Anyway thanks for any help you can give on this matter and I look forward to helping others on this forum with what I do know :wink:


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Yeah - I looked at your gig. You have not used both your keywords in the title or url of your gig. And only used one keyword in your gig description. And that only once.

You can use your keywords up to 3 times in your description.

Many thanks for your reply.
So it is not all about the 5 tags you add all though I presume they hold some weight, but rather when a user searches fiverr there search algo takes url’s, description and the tags into consideration when displaying / placing peoples gigs.

Is that about the sum of it?


yup - you got it.

And this has to be at least 20 characters long …

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I have updated both my title and description, hopefully it will alter my search placing.

Thanks for you help :slightly_smiling_face:


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I highly doubt tags and keywords have anything to do about where your gig appears in the search. Even when searching for exact title, tags or other keywords, a gig can show up after tons of unrelated gigs, depending on how it’s currently ranked in the marketplace.

But there must be some formula for “ranking in the Marketplace” as you put it.
My changes to the title and description have all ready worked, and i am now showing for search term “fiverr video” where as I wasn’t before…

Just got to figure out how to get on the elusive “page 1” now lol


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hello, my two cents, of course I’m not the Customer Service, so would be better to contact CS for info. Anyway, search terms and tags have different uses. Tags let you appear in listings when someons clicks on the tags. While search terms are connected to listings when you type keywords to search.

Just thought I would re visit this thread to thank you again for your advice.

Through your suggestions and some key word/phrase manipulation I have managed to get two of my gigs on the 1st page.
The others are completely AWOL :rofl: but I will figure those out next.

Again Many Thanks

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