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Keywords?! who needs it

Hello freelancers! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:
I’d like to talk about SEO on fiverr.I hope this will help new sellers somehow…
I realize that this topic has probably been discussed many times, but it would be good to refresh it a bit and talk about it together!

I am a new seller and since I started working on fiverr I became interested in the topic of SEO.
within the first week, I had one of my gig show up on the front page and is there until now! However, I am not an expert in this, so if I make a mistake, please correct me!

But what exactly is SEO? :thinking:
SEO(search engine optimization) is a very complex concept… But in a nutshell, these are activities that allow you to optimize (e.g. our website) in such a way that it appears in the search engine as high as possible in the first positions.
This is usually achieved by using keywords and their quantity …

It is thanks to them that the search engine positions our gigs, of course it also depends on several other aspects, but today I would like to focus mainly on keywords. :face_with_monocle:

1.Where to find keywords?

It’s not that easy, but there are two ways …
a)In the fiver search engine, when you enter the name of the gig you are dealing with and do not click enter, the search engine will suggest keywords.In the displayed list you can find them in the services tab … However, remember to look at the number of available services under this keyword.*it will be easier for you to break through where there are less of them.
Fiverr _ Search Results for 'background remove from image' - Google Chrome 13.04.2021 21_51_46 (2)

b)Second way…it’s nothing more than checking the gigs from the first page and checking what keywords they used. by the way, I recommend checking what your competitors do in order to offer your client a better service

It’s best to combine both methods then it should bring the best results!
Don’t be afraid to experiment with keywords and if some of them don’t work, try changing something until you finally succeed! :smiley:

2.Where to enter your keywords?

We should choose our keywords in the previous step include them in in turn:
a) GIG title
b) SEO title
c) search tags
d) description
e) in the picture on our gig

Remember that the title should be pleasant to the eye and easy to remember. same main photo!

When it comes to the description, don’t force the words into there … try to fit them into the context! the client doesn’t want to see the chaotic description … he wants to see what we offer and find answers to his questions there.

3.Add a short video so you will have a better chance of attracting a client! It is estimated that video increases sales by about 200%!

I hope this topic will help someone! :wink:
Thank you for reading, if you have any questions, feel free to ask, I will try to answer! :grinning:
good luck in further developing your gig! :heart:

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