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Kickstart a gig?

How do you get your first reviews? Fiverr obviously doesnt help you at the start because they dont trust you. Does that mean i have to find my own customers so i rank up in the searches?

Hi smesnoj:

I’m in the same position. I have found Gigs ******* right on Fiverr from other Sellers who will help promote your site, [questionable suggestion removed.] I found them by searching for “fiverr gig” and then clicking on “Influencer Markering” in the left hand menu.

[recommended links removed - OP can do a search as recommended.]

Hope these help dude - JamesToronto

Also, best to give the Terms of Service a good read to make sure no rules are broken by having another Fivver person buy your Gig and rating it. I’m not an expert on this - yet . . .

Fiverr editorial would not support a gig offering to buy another person’s gig. You could contact Customer Support to be sure, but selling or buying this service could get both accounts banned.

Fiverr does help up to a point by listing your gig under the “New” category on the main page. This actually does help some sellers since a very well written gig will attract some buyers and they will hope to get an exceptional price from a new seller.

Buyer requests can help a lot of your gig is in a category where specialty services are often needed.

Technically you can also have family or friends purchase a couple of gigs as long as the buyer does not live with you, the purchase is real, and you really deliver a gig.