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Over the past few months I have been a little bit more active on Fiverr after not paying attention to it for the last 2 years. (block of text incoming)

I would like to share with you some of my experience and how you can sell more.

Let’s start of by telling you my only regular customer is a entrepreneur from the US - the rest of the gigs I sold were to random individuals.

My method is simple - grab a client and meet his needs.

I have been a webmaster for a wile now and I manage multiple websites; one day I thought what are the services I could complete in a relative short period but that would add value for my customers. This is how I came up with the gigs I started offering.

  • First of all any business needs a website:

    This is how one of my first gigs came to be ( - needless to say this task is easy and anyone with 1 hour on their hand can accomplish - yet some people choose to pay 5$ and have it done in 5 minutes and on the plus side they would get every ToS, Disclaimer etc. page that they needed complete with any plugins configured the way the buyer requests.

    Moreover I setup WordPress for best results when I configure the installation for the first time; this gives great SEO value for my customers and they all appreciate it.

    -Now that you have the website you might want some content.

    One of my second wave of gigs was directed precisely at this ( - In my experience nobody want only 30 posts, they usually want more say 6 months worth of content or 300 images. In this case what I always do is strike a deal with the buyer and offer them half priced gigs, or huge discounts.

    How? Easy !

    If you need 400 posts I would only charge for 200 of them and do the rest as a bonus.

    As a general rule on fiverr remember: ALWAYS OVER-DELIVER

    A happy customer will not only leave positive feedback but he will most likely come back and order again.

    -Most new websites need some starting up links to get crawled by big search engines and to increase in SERPs

    For this purpose I have set up web 2.0 Platforms and started offering backlinks for my buyers in the form of advertorials or plain links ( I make sure I only add 1 or 2 links per day and even if that limits me to 30-50 sales per month it assures me I dont spam my own sites too much.<br /> <br /> -As you sit and admire your newly created website most of you will want a way to keep your blog/portal/etc. populated with fresh content.<br /> Enter automated posting - during my endeavors with different WordPress plugins I came across many automation tools. For the price of a McMenu you can now have your own Plugin that syndicates content from the best websites online - be it funny pictures or serious world news: the choice is yours. (<br /> <br /> As a quick recap If you were to start building a website-for only 20$ (not including the domain name and hosting) you can have it up and running in less then a day.<br /> <br /> This is the power of fiverr - sellers ! Use your core competencies to the maximum and provide a strong pack of services and success will surely follow<br /> <br /> Basically if you read this far you probably figured it out - small jobs are great but they are better when they complement each other. So far the method described here got me a few dollars since I started begin active again and I hope you can get something out of this post.<br /> <br /> Let me know what you think! I would love to get some new ideas on how to improve my sales.<br /> <br /> I know Adding video is invaluable for a fiverr gig but since I came back I didnt have time to do it - I`ll probably pay someone to create something for me I know this great website were people do it for 5$ :stuck_out_tongue:

    tl;dr version - look for things your customers would need and push it down their throats: up-selling is the way to go