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Kids Need Illustrators!

Hi everyone. I am new to Fiverr but I see that I cannot afford the quality of illustrations I want to offer my students. I am starting a writing class in April with children. They are going to be designing and writing their own books. I want to be able to offer them the choice of choosing and “hiring” their own illustrator. I was wondering if this is something anyone would be interested in doing? Some sort of package deal? Minimal characters. I have thought about a few things that we could work out to make it simple for you and cheap for them. Please let me know if you are interested. I would need these done within two weeks of notifying you, sometime within the month of April. If this is something you would like to be a part of, please contact me!

Thank you!

The minimum is $5 per illustration, and there are thousands of illustrators working here.

Hello Jennifer, you will be able to reach some illustrators through the forum but you can also try utilizing the Fiverr’s search bar if you want to be able to browse through more sellers or you can even try posting a request at the Buyers requests section at this link (that way sellers can come to you instead).

But personally, I find utilizing the search bar fits my needs better as I can choose from more sellers and there are a lot of values you can check in, such as delivery time, style (freestyle, for children, vector, etc), seller level, source files included. But feel free to try out which one suits you better. :slight_smile:

I would suggest that you get someone who will do sketches for you. No coloring and not much detail. The kids will love coloring them in themselves.
Look at @wantedhero he has a gig where he gives you 100 sketched characters that he has done. You could check them and see what you could use. It’s $5 for the whole lot so even if you get a couple you can use out of the 100 it will be worth it. I bought them and use them for various things.

Someone else I have seen with really nice stuff for kids is @glitchfool
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