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Killer Fiverr Tip To Get More Good Feedback


If you type USER NAME GOES HERE/manage_orders

It will show you all of the people that have given you feedback and the ones who have not.

Now you can send a message to the ones who have not given you feedback and offer them

some sort of incentive in return for good feedback.


Reply to @madmoo: That all depends what niche you are in, even if you do a very good job some people can forget to leave feedback. With this tip it will help you to keep track of feedback opportunities


Sometimes the work was not as expected, but you do not want the seller to feel bad because you know he puts his best effort and you prefer silence your opinion. It is possible he doesn’t undersatand what you want because the comunication was not good.


Thanks for this tip, although I think just reminding them would do it without any incentive :slight_smile:


We have started doing this a few weeks back…

It actually has a double sided coin effect. Some customers come back happy some come back with more redo work! So you could end up doing much more work just to get that little thumbs up symbol.

Some people are not prepared to pay for time and effort. They see Fiverr and think everything costs $5.

I do agree though it depends in what field you are in.