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Killer Tips For Increased Fiverr Sales!

Hello everyone,

I have been working fiverr for 6 months and I reached Level 2. During this time period of struggle because of the competition in health and fitness section, I learned five things from fiverr which can be applicable to any field.
1-Do research before creating a gig.
2-Adopt low competition and highly demanded strategy on Fiverr.
3-Add brief description.
4-Use Yahoo answer to get Sales and Traffic
5-Deliver before time.
After all, your reputation as a dependable seller will go a long way.


Very useful tips. Thank you!

Nice tip

Question, point number 4 - you would email the conversation on Yahoo answer and tell that you can help with that problem? How do you work that ?

Deliver before timescale most important for increased Fiverr sales.

You don’t actually seems to know what Yahoo Answers is. A simple Google search will get you your answer. :smiley:

Although this is only a low optimization.

I appreciate your voice

nice tip

Wow, number 4 really interested me, I’ll try that, nice topic

No.4 is quite interesting…Thanks!!

Cool tips

Great Tips. Its helpful for everyone :slight_smile:

Thank you . tips are really helpful !

So nice

Sorry of my misunderstood but how can Yahoo answer can help generate traffic? (I’m not an english native speaker, maybe I missed something)

#4 :-*

I guess you answer questions on yahoo answers related to your gig. Then add your link.

Thanks for the explanation, I guess I was thinking too much haha

Thanks for sharing…

You’re welcome.